Reduce Damages and Returns

As a pan-European packaging distributor, NovuPak understands that damaged products, returns and inappropriate packaging not only results in increased costs, but it is also a source of customer dissatisfaction.I want know more Fragile

​The right  packaging solution must  protect products throughout the logistics chain, while minimising costs and environmental impact.

Our expertise, available locally and at an European level, together with our range of products means that we can find the ideal and most cost-efficient packaging for your company.
Read further to find out how to reduce your damages and returns.

  • Develop a full understanding of the handling, storage and transportation conditions

Where will the products travel to and what climatic conditions will they encounter? How will they be shipped? How will they be handled and stored? Is a closed loop returnable solution required?

  • Assess the risks and protection requirements of the product

What is the size and weight of the product? What are its vulnerable points? What are the risks from impact shock, vibration, temperature extremes, humidity, electrostatic and magnetic devices and surface degradation? What is the best orientation within the pack?

  • Create an effective design

Based on our understanding of the handling, storage and transportation conditions, as well as taking into account the protection requirements, Packaging materials are carefully selected and combined for maximum protection and cost-efficiency, both in construction and in logistics costs.

  • Validate the design performance by test procedures

To ensure the packaged product meet the design performance targets, packs are subjected to the appropriate testing procedures specified by appropriate industry bodies.

Thanks to this rigorous and painstaking approach to packaging design, NovuPak can guarantee effective product protection for your products throughout the supply chain.

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