How to use stretch film

NovuPak offers standard and tailored packaging products that suit your business needs. Next to a large selection of standard products delivered from stock, NovuPak can develop custom made packaging for various industries. In this section you can find some helpful tips on how to make the most of our packaging products.

NovuPak offers an extensive stretch film range, in which you’ll find a great variety of stretch films and dispensers to suit your specific industry sector application. I want to know more Strecht FilmOur product range includes:

  • Hand Stretch Film
  • Mini Stretch Film
  • Stretch Film Dispensers
  • Stretch Wrapping Machines

In this guide we will focus on the advantages and various uses of hand stretch film.

Pre-stretched Stretch Film

This stretch film is manufactured by pre-stretching a stretch-type film close to its ultimate breakpoint, so it requires less stretching energy than standard stretch film but achieves a similar wrapping force. This production process increases the films’ strength, improves its load stability and reduces the volume of stretch film needed – therefore becoming a cost effective solution for pallet wrapping.

Key benefits experienced from using pre-stretched hand stretch film include:


  • Reduced wastage
  • No neck downbutton-savecosts
  • Faster wrapping
  • Improved health
  • Safety for users

Cast Stretch Films

Cast Hand Stretch Films provide a smooth surface that enables excellent cling without additives. In addition a quieter stretch wrapping environment, excellent optics, gloss and strength. Handheld stretch films are used for manual stretch wrap packaging application.

Designed for hand wrapping application, hand film rolls are lighter and smaller than machine film rolls to make application easier.

Tips for Pallet Wrapping Using Handheld Stretch Films:

  • Always place the outside of the film to surface of pallet. Secure the stretch film to the pallet before wrapping by tying it to the pallet base.
  • Always ensure film covers the base of pallet and the bottom layer of the load. Wrap bottom of pallet at least twice to secure load.
  • Overlap the stretch film by 30 to 50%. Depending on the weight of your load, consider wrapping the pallet twice. To increase the strength, use the film horizontally to create a “strap”.
  • Always use a handheld stretch film dispenser for rapid easy application and to prevent injury through straining or repetitive use.



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