The real cost of packaging

Finding out the real cost of a Pan-European packaging operation can be difficult. In many cases companies do not have a central knowledge of what is the real cost oContact us Todayf packaging at the European level and/or what are the specific needs of their local operations.

NovuPak, thanks to years of expertise in the packaging sector, can help you and your company to identify and address the areas that are adding cost to your packaging operations across Europe and to convert this
knowledge into innovative products and services, which will increase your operational effectiveness and reduce your total packaging cost.

To determine if your packaging operations in Europe  can benefit of NovuPak solutions start asking yourself these few basic questions:

  • Would you like to reduce your total packaging cost across Europe?
  • Could you benefit from rationalizing your supplier base?
  • Is there scope for standardisation of your packaging products and services across Europe?
  • Are you paying too much for storage and transport?
  • Is the cost of replacing damaged goods increasing?
  • Would you like to reduce waste and help to meet more suistainability targets?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, then it is time to contact NovuPak and use our expertise to identify cost saving opportunities, as well as to identify areas to make your operations more environmentally friendly across Europe.

To know more about the benefits of NovuPak and how we can help you reduce your costs across Europe please contact us today.​ Our European Key Account Team is looking forward to discuss your needs and requirements and develop a proposition.

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